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Sneak Preview From  Part 1, Page 34

Evil spirits will generally remain entrenched in an area like Haiti or the Himalayas until their original invitation is revoked an action that, unfortunately, is rarely taken. Whatever their education or outlook, people are almost universally reluctant to renounce events and systems that they perceive to be legitimate if unflattering elements of their own heritage. Consequently, rather than dispense with their old beliefs and customs, many societies make an effort to adapt them to contemporary attitudes and lifestyles.

While Muslims exchange their pre-Islamic heathen rituals for the Hajj, Hindus wade into the holy Ganges every twelve years for the Kumbh Mela Festival. As Europeans and Americans celebrate Druid paganism through Halloween, Brazilians lose their inhibitions to the frenzied and colorful beat of Carnivale. By repackaging ancient rites of spirit welcome and appeasement as popular, and seemingly more benign, festivals and pilgrimages, the tenant rights of demonic powers are thereby reaffirmed by successive generations.

While we might be tempted to conclude that the power centers of today’s modern society are found in cities like London, Moscow, Tokyo and Washington, D.C., these choices make sense only if we also assume that genuine power is associated with material wealth and/or weaponry. In reality, however, we know that such things are of little consequence. Real power, spiritual power, is of a different order.

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